The Final Journey

Empowered End-of-Life Decision-Making for Pet Parents

March 28, 2021     9 am - 4 pm Pacific Time

Make Their Last Years Their Best Years

Our pets become more dependent on us as they age. When the time comes for their "final journey," we want to be emotionally prepared and spiritually present. This enables us to offer our pets the level of comfort and support they deserve.

In this multi-part online program, Dr. Liz shares tools to alleviate our fear and worry and assist us in filling our pet's remaining time with love, freedom, and joy.


  • The most critical elements needed to make decisions with confidence and clarity.
  • Making decisions that bring you and your furry loved one peace and serenity.
  • Learning to trust what you know and feel when you look into your loved ones eyes.
  • How to address guilt and confusion.
  • How to assess your loved one’s “suffering” (Hint: it is much more nuanced than quality of life checklists or questionnaires)
  • How to move through these challenging circumstances while remaining grounded, present and resilient.
  • How to open to the possibility that you can feel acceptance, comfort and grace.
  • Death as a sacred and profound aspect of life, while simultaneously acknowledging it to be devastating and heartbreaking


The Final Journey online program will launch in September 2021. It is a professionally produced, multi-part program led by Dr. Liz with an audience of pet parents, veterinarians, and veterinary students.

You can view the program at your leisure.  There is a companion workbook for you to download. 

Each video will include content presented by Dr. Liz plus sharing and questions from the audience. 


to pre-register for
The Final Journey
Multi-part online program

$49 (pre-launch price. Regular price is $59) includes:

  • A full year's access to our professionally-produced videos personally led by Dr. Liz (year begins after you start the course.)
  • Downloadable workbook in a print-friendly format
  • Free download of chapter 1 of Sacred Gifts of a Short Life plus updates and periodic newsletters from Dr.Liz (when as you check the box "Subscribe to our email list")


This program is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. I guarantee that this is not a dry, boring lecture, nor is it sad and depressing. When we commit to letting love lead, we can have an experience filled with insights, fun, laughter and "good" tears. We can allow ourselves to discover more inspiring and uplifting ways to engage in this journey.

The topic is a challenging one, yet I know that if we can discuss it while feeling acknowledged and supported, we will each benefit individually and together as a whole.

I look forward to taking this journey with you.

Let Love Lead,




Janis E.

Dr. Liz has shown our family how to make this powerful emotional journey bearable, spiritual, and comfortable for our sweet babies and us.

Carrie L.

Cultural, traditional, and religious rituals around death served to bring social support. We have lost that support and guidance. Dr. Liz gives us ways to recapture some of that support.

Karon H.

Dr.Liz is compassionate and pragmatic. Her timeless wisdom is beneficial for anyone facing mortality, be it a loved one (animal or human) or our own.


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