Dr. Liz provides professional and personal consulting
to pet parents and pet care professionals


brings her wisdom, experience, sensitivity, and caring nature to your situation-- whether you are a pet parent accompanying a beloved pet on its final journey, or a veterinary team member supporting clients and pets through this challenge. She offers audiences inspiring, compassionate perspectives that bring peace to our souls and a smile  to our hearts. 

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Is it time?

For pet parents, this is one of life’s most challenging decisions.

There are many factors that enter into this decision. Trying to sort through the facts, emotions, other peoples opinions, etc., can be frustrating, confusing, and/or overwhelming.

The decision is much more nuanced than adding up a score to indicate if there is “sufficient quality of life” to continue.

"Your instant appreciation of my friend the snake gave me all the agency I needed to honor him through his last minutes."
- Dianne F.

Ultimately it is your decision, no one else's. There is no “objective” right or wrong.

By listening to the deepest place within yourself, you begin to feel an inner guidance leading you.
There are many unknowns during this process. My aim is to shed light on some of those unknowns, while also acknowledging that some of those unknowns will forever remain unknowable. Yet this is not a reason to despair. My intention is to provide you with perspectives for navigating this truth "with fierce grace" (a term coined by Ram Dass). 

The goal is to discover peace within, by leaning into the mystery that is unfolding.

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Dr. Liz has presented at professional conferences and trade shows, speaking in front of groups both large and small. She speaks on end-of-life care, doctor-client relations, and doctor self-care.

"One of the most important things I learned is that euthanasia is a sacred experience"
- Ilaria B., DVM

As a practicing veterinarian, with an extensive background in Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Liz brings her unique wisdom and experience, as well as heartwarming and humorous anecdotes, to your group event. 

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